I appreciate that he used a black, lesbian couple and their beautiful black baby to illustrate this point because I am damn tired of Neil Patrick Harris being the face of queer struggle

    ^^ exactly. It’s important.

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  1. liquidglue:




    'cause the players gonna play play play play play

    alligators alligate gate gate gate gate

    elevators elevate vate vate vate vate

    shake it off

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    In the spirit of Halloween… and all spoopy things. 

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    • French Friend: well, the total cost of me going to Med school is about 406 a year -
    • American Friend: THOUSAND?
    • French Friend: Um, no. 406 Euro. It sounds a little high but it covers the cost of my textbooks, extra classes and most of my housing. How much is it for you?


    The joke’s on both of you

    You end up dating each other 

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  3. The best times to kiss a girl


    When she’s babbling on about something. When you’re arguing. When you see her. When you’re with her. When you’re with your friends. When she cries. When shes happy. When she does something you love. After you ask her out. After she says she loves you. After you just kissed her. Before you leave. My point is, whenever you get the chance to kiss her, kiss her. It makes her feel loved. 

    if you kiss me when we’re arguing i will punch you straight in the fucking jaw

    Yeah don’t kiss me when I’m talking that’s rude.

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    In the last few weeks, almost 200 students – almost all of them female – at Tottenville High School in Staten Island, New York have been given detention over dress code violations. 

    Something’s very wrong here.

    In which I get a fancy graphic to promote my latest article. :)

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    We’ve officially reached that annoying time of year where it’s sweater weather in the morning, but by midday you die from a heatstroke.

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